Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blair Plain, Kampong Bahru area

I was contemplating a withdrawal from blogging activities to free time for reading the numerous books that I have been accumulating over the years on my other interests. Then when I read the comments posted in response to my previous post, it got me all charged up again to post.

All we need in life is a little encouragement, no matter now small - even a word will go a long way to put us back on our feet or steer us back on what we had started. So thanks Alice for your faithful interest in my blog and Draven for your positive response.

I will start with the middle photo - These are Peranakan houses that are under conservation in an area called Blair Plain (Click on the last photo to see the location of this place). The streets featured in these photos are Spottiswoode Park Road. and Blair Road. When you see the tall buildings in the background you will appreciate our Government's efforts in ensuring that these historical houses do not get torn down just because they are old.

Apartment blocks of Spottiswoode Park at the end of the road.

Side roads.

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alicesg said...

You are welcome, Mable. :) There are times when I was trying to stop blogging. But my love for photos dont allow

Blogging allowed me another place to keep my photos so that if my PC and external memory crashed at the same time, I still have my photos in my blogs.

Give yourself some blog break and come back when you are ready. Hope you have a nice weekend.