Monday, July 5, 2010

Visiting Changi Village

Changi Village used to be a beach hang-out when I was in school. Whenever some of us wanted to have a picnic we would have to bear the hour long journey in a non-aircon bus from anywhere in the island because Changi Beach is at the eastern tip of Singapore near the Airport.

Today, Changi Village has a nice park by the beach where you can cycle or take a walk amongst the shady trees - Sea hibiscus, Sea grapes and Putat Laut trees planted in neat rows in their respective sections of the park. Still Changi Village has not lost that laid-back charm in the afternoon when the crowds have not descended on the coffee shops and the hawker centre for the local fares they are well-known for likje the wantan noodles, the nasi lemak and the banana fritters.

A walk along the beach brought back memories and gathered new ones. Besides, the weather was superb for an outdoor enjoyment of nature.
This pedestrain bridge across the mouth of the river has been there for as long as I remember. Changi Village will not be the same without it.
Looking towards Pulau Ubin from the bridge. The ferry point where you can get to Pulau Ubin in ten minutes or less by boat.

The pinkish glow of a Sea Hibiscus flower against the light.
Another view of the quaint bridge.
Boats to Pulau Ubin.

The water looked clean.
Walking into the park.
The mouth of the river.
Club house.
Casting a net can be fun.
Catch of the day - one of them cannot be eaten.
Tranquility is a park with fewer than twenty people.
In ancient China, the feathers of the Kingfisher were used for making hair ornaments for empresses.

A man enjoying his solitude.

Lovely shade.
Boat speeding to Pulau Ubin.

Sea Grapes.

Kayaking activity - at a Sea Sport Centre in the park.

Plane about to land at Changi Airport.

Changi Village Food Centre.

Leaving Changi Village town centre.

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