Thursday, June 19, 2014

Selegie Road old building

 It's all about the light and angles in photography. The same building photographed at two different times of the day. It is also about the passage of time marked by people who enter into my view when I click the shutter of my camera. 

Taken at around 1.50pm as I was was walking towards Selegie Road. This building has an interesting appearance. The fear that one day it will disappear off the face of the spot it is standing on prompted me to take a picture of it.

I crossed the road to get an all emcompassing view of this iconic building.
I was fascinated by the windows and the spiral staircase.
A couple walked into my picture and I hesitated whether I should wait till they walked out of my view or include them anyway. I did and that had lent an item of interest to the photo.
The colour combination here caught my eye.
At around 6pm I walked past this building again to get to the carpark and the dull lighting of the earlier photos had been replaced by a warm, evening glow casting shadows and highlighting the wall textures.

The green scooter matched the colour scheme.
A man walked past and made the building come alive.
Another human being on the way home.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Temple of the Jade Emperor of Heaven

Along Pasir Panjang Road is a small temple with a colourful facade with statues of the Eight Immortals depicted as crossing the sea according to legend. This Taoist temple is where devotees go to to pray to the Jade Emperor of Heaven and a few other important deities in Taoism. Today I was there to accompany a friend who went to pray to Tai Sui, the Heavenly General who is in charge of the well-being of the mortal world,  as her horoscope and that of her son's clashes with this particular deity this year. Those born in the year of the Horse, Rat, Chicken and Rabbit will have to make offering to the Tai Sui deity to appease him so that all will be well for them in this year of the Horse.

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