Monday, December 3, 2012

The Japanese Garden in Singapore

 The Japanese Garden in Jurong is right next to the Chinese Garden and both are linked by a beautiful white marble bridge supported by arches. The Japanese Garden was a collaborative effort between the govenments of Japan and Singapore and it was designed by a Japanese professor specially appointed for the task. Like my visit to the Chinese Garden, I was equally impressed by the standard of maintenance by the gardeners.
Imaginery mountains and waterfalls greet you as you enter the main gate.

Neatly-trimmed shrubs make you feel like a giant wandering around hillocks.
The red bridge, one of three in the garden brings back memories of my visits years ago.
Another massive river flowing through a forest of pines.

Graceful bamboo rustle in the wind.
Ixora flowers bloom healthily and abundantly.
A bittern stretching its neck to look for breakfast.
A large heron walking beside the pond hoping for fish.
Simple lines mark the architecture of this building.
You can sit here and listen to the birds in the shade of a huge tree.
Japanese stone lantern garden - there are several of them here including the cute one below.

Flowers of the bottlebrush tree.
Bittern with a punky hairdo surveying his tuft.
This one is more practical for it actively looks for food.
Why, I even saw this lovely kingfisher up on a tree.
Lotus in full bloom.
Pretty pink flowers - Kopsia specie.
I just love this bridge.
Shelter from the sun. This garden is wonderful also because of the absence of mosquitoes.
Cross over to the Chinese Garden using this bridge.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Chinese Garden of Singapore

Today, I went to the Chinese Garden in Jurong after quite a long while despite living close to it. I remember when it was first opened in the mid-seventies, it was filled with people eager to see this landscaped garden with Chinese Imperial structures designed by an architect from Taiwan. 
My first visit to the Chinese Garden was with my best friend and we took black-and-white photos with my yashica camera. Between that first visit and my previous one some years back, I visited the garden sporadically during events such as Lantern displays and Children's Colouring competitions. I remember that at some point in time, the place was rather pathetic and had a air of neglect around it and that had contributed to my loss of interest in the garden and as time passed I forgot about this garden.
When I visited this forgotten place in my memory this morning, I was pleasantly surprised that the garden was well-maintained and the structures looked good as new and that some of the structures were in the process of renovation or maintenance. Though I did not have the time to cover the entire grounds of the Chinese Garden, I saw enough that made me feel that this was a garden that Singaporeans should be proud of and like me, should return to enjoy its beauty. See for yourself here>>>