Monday, December 3, 2012

The Japanese Garden in Singapore

 The Japanese Garden in Jurong is right next to the Chinese Garden and both are linked by a beautiful white marble bridge supported by arches. The Japanese Garden was a collaborative effort between the govenments of Japan and Singapore and it was designed by a Japanese professor specially appointed for the task. Like my visit to the Chinese Garden, I was equally impressed by the standard of maintenance by the gardeners.
Imaginery mountains and waterfalls greet you as you enter the main gate.

Neatly-trimmed shrubs make you feel like a giant wandering around hillocks.
The red bridge, one of three in the garden brings back memories of my visits years ago.
Another massive river flowing through a forest of pines.

Graceful bamboo rustle in the wind.
Ixora flowers bloom healthily and abundantly.
A bittern stretching its neck to look for breakfast.
A large heron walking beside the pond hoping for fish.
Simple lines mark the architecture of this building.
You can sit here and listen to the birds in the shade of a huge tree.
Japanese stone lantern garden - there are several of them here including the cute one below.

Flowers of the bottlebrush tree.
Bittern with a punky hairdo surveying his tuft.
This one is more practical for it actively looks for food.
Why, I even saw this lovely kingfisher up on a tree.
Lotus in full bloom.
Pretty pink flowers - Kopsia specie.
I just love this bridge.
Shelter from the sun. This garden is wonderful also because of the absence of mosquitoes.
Cross over to the Chinese Garden using this bridge.

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