Sunday, August 29, 2010

Singapore in the Sixties

Two weekends ago I stumbled upon a Heritage Festival and gained free admission to the galleries of the National Museum of Singapore. I enjoyed in particular the galleries on "Singapore in the Sixties" and "Fashion in the Sixties". There was also a free admission to an exhibition that I would not go to again called "Head on" by an artist from China. Outside the museum were performances and food stalls to delight the crowds educating them about of multinational heritage.

"Singapore in the Sixties"
Painting depicting PM Lee Kuan Yew being sworn in as Prime Minister.
Advertisements in the sixties - Simple and straightforward.
The Sarong Kebaya - from traditional to modern.
In the background was a song-and-dance excerpt of a Bollywood Movie shot on location at Haw Par Villa.
A painting of a Kampong that I like by well-known artist Georgette Chen.
All these CD covers bring back memories especially those of Sakura Teng, Rita Chao and Lena Lim.
Original Neon lights from the Neptune Theatre with elabroate opera costumes below them signifying the popularity of Chinese Opera or Chinese Wayang in those days.An old lady peering into the past.
This is the exhibition of 99 artist-made wolves lining up in a blind run towards collective death. There were negative vibes in the air. The wolves were ferocious and looked like they could make lamb chops out of you.

A Chinese Puppet Theatre way before Gameboy came into the scene. Beautifully embroidered Chinese Opera Costumes.

The attire of a Princess.

Lovely ornaments for the hair of a Chinese Beauty. The feathers of many kingfishers contributed to their unique colour.
Fancy handcuffs and chains.

Fashion in the Sixties.

My mum wore clothes like these - the Samfoo and the Cheongsam.
Dresses with underlying cancans.
Soup-Can label shift dress. Luckily my mum did not make me wear one.
The elegant sari.
Popular fabric prints.
The green jar is Brylcreem that made my father's hair so black and shiny.
The National Museum facade.

Nepalese girl singing about her lover.

Another Nepalese song-and-dance performance.