Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Outing - Sun Halo

I met two friends for lunch at the Raffles City MRT and after that we went to the Ancient Civilizations Museum (ACM) to see the Special Exhibition "Sumatra, Isle of Gold". Today, admission to the ACM was free and there were dance performances at intervals. On the way from UOB Centre to the ACM, I saw this phenomenon around the sun. It is called a sun halo.
I have seen it before but seeing it again was a thrill. It was a hot afternoon and the sun was blazing down at us. These photos have been digitally enhanced so that the rainbow-coloured ring around the sun and the darker shade of the circle around the sun could be seen clearly. The darker shots were taken through the lens of a pair of UV sunglasses. What a day!
At the Ancient Civilisations Museum - Sumatran dancers balancing cups on their heads, shoulders and arms.
Posture training.
Musicians waiting for the warrior dancers.
Blowing the instrument to call for the warriors.
Here they come wielding swords and shields.
What is unusual in this picture?
The building is a gigantic mirror.
One of my friends spotted this interesting scene while I was busy eating an ice-cream.

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