Sunday, September 12, 2010

Duxton Road, Neil Road, Keong Saik Street

On a hot and sunny Saturday morning, we drove to the area around Duxton Hill which is near the Chinatown in Singapore with the intention to lunch at a Dumpling shop along Neil Road. We were about an hour and a half too early and so had coffee and light snacks at a coffee shop not far from where we had parked our car at a public car park on Duxton Hill road.
Seeing the facade of these three storey houses make me imagine that people would be walking around in samfoos and sarong and kebayas and the scene would be one like those in our "Little Nonya" Chinese drama serial.
Well-to-do families must have resided in these houses once.
Windows to let in the cool breeze in the evening. I just love the wooden railing.

Ascending Duxton Hill. Houses under conservation. It's a great law that protects beautiful buildings from the past.
Windows are to be opened. So sad they are closed for we will never know what life is like within.
The entrance to Duxton road. I got carried away photographing the lovely arches.

Lady stepped into the picture at the right time.

Blue, almost cloudless sky meant that the temperatures were seering.

Palm trees that soften the hard lines of the buildings.
A pair of mythical creature from days gone by that protect the owners of the shop.
Spiral staircases typical of these old buildings.
A back alley that would have been interesting to explore. I've always wondered about the history of this building because it is such an interesting blend of eastern and western architecture. The canopy at the top of the building reminds me of maharajas.

Staircases that elevate doorways. One must feel great when the main door is opened and one gazes ahead to see everything from a higher perspective.

My attention turned to te clouds.

A pair of eagle sculptures guarding the front door.

These buildings now house businesses.

The bus came along at the right time to make a colourful picture for me.

This building houses the AIA office.
eBay has a home in this unique building from the past.
The Pinnacle@Duxton is a 50 storey high public housing project with a sky garden that gives you a panaromic view of the surroundings.

The new and the old have their own beauty.

Keong Saik Street that used to have a shady reputation. Now it is all spruced up and respectable.

A building that makes a road diversion almost pleasant.
The front of a small temple where the main deity is the Goddess of Mercy.

The back part of the temple where normal activities like cooking, washing and hanging out the clothes take place.

Close-up of the buildings seen previously.

I just love these balconies.

A clan association, one of many that were in the area of Keong Siak Street and Club Street. Not so many these days.

A small hotel - the balconies again!

I would love to see what the interior is like.

Walking back towards Neil Road to our carpark on Duxton Hill.

A great day to sun your clothes.

Every item has a story to tell.

Back Alleys are always interesting to photograph.
Neil Road shophouses.

An Indian family walking towards an Indian Temple a short distance away in Chinatown.

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

Time for lunch!

Shots taken from the car as we headed home.

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