Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MacRitchie Reservoir

I had not visited MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore's oldest reservoir and nature reserve for some months and was pleasantly surprised to see the vast improvement in the area that used to be a carpark next to the start of the boardwalk to the right of the multi-level carpark. My discoveries today:

The new cafe where we had breakfast before beginning our walk along the boardwalk on the fringe of part of the reservoir.
On a weekday morning, the place was heaven because there were not many people around. Spacious and green and the toilets are huge with nice lockers to keep your belongings if you do not drive.

Staghorn ferns decorate the trees.
Lamposts that want to blend in with the natural environment.
The cafe seen from afar.
I wonder what this little building used to be.
Good old-fashioned bridge across a canal.
Water gates that control the water level in the reservoir I suppose.
What a beautiful design!
The start of the boardwalk.
Ready, get set, go! Actually we took a very leisurely walk while others were brisk-walking.
Fish - I imagined them on a plate.
Kayaks for the youths.
Okay everyone, we have to practise hard for the coming competition.
Shady and cool. It was a lovely morning.
Ferns looking very confused.

The Petai tree standing tall and majestic. We were told to look out for the flowers.
Next to the Petai tree was this tall rattan plant with what looked like flowers or fruits from where we stood.


Walking along these well-built boardwalks and steps was truly enjoyable.

Vines that have toughened with age.

Fungi growing on decaying wood.

Not totally hidden from view.
Fruits growing at the base of the tree, interesting!
The chesnut tree is huge.

A skink getting away from me.
A half eaten stinkhorn fungus. It must be poisonous for whatever ate it did was not able to finish the meal.
Luckily these were not snakes.
The water's edge.
Rain approaching.

In the background is the bandstand being refurbished.
When this butterfly spread its wings, I wished for a better camera.

A flower that made my day. I have yet to find out its name.

At this point the wind rustled the leaves and the sky grew dark almost suddenly. Luckily we met a nice old man who showed us a short-cut out of the jungle to Upper Thompson road and that was how we managed to escape the rains.


alicesg said...

Very interesting walk you have. I wondered if there are a lot of mosquitoes there. A lot of changes in Macritchie Reservoir.

Mable said...

Thanks Alice. Just bring along a mosquito repellent to be on the safe side. :-)