Saturday, September 4, 2010

Walk with a friend

My friend has not been to this part of Singapore for quite some time. I have not been there recently and so we made some new discoveries together, more for her and interesting for me.
The Changi Point Coastal Walk started a short distance from the ferry terminal to Pulau Ubin and Pengerang in Southern Johore. We were assured of a comfortable walk judging by the wooden walkway that lay beyond the entrance.
Wow, they have spruced up the old building belonging to the Civil Service Club where we parked our car.
The sea is always a refreshing sight.
The sand spit at the mouth of the river where boats ply to and fro the ferry terminal and Pulau Ubin and Pengerang.
A better shot of the same facade minus the yellow ropes.
Boats creating waves that rush to shore - a sound that I love.
Butterfly having a sun bath.
I am reminded of those times in my youth when I would join my classmates for trips to the outlying kelongs at night. An experience few youths would have these days.
Peaceful weekday scene.
A hero out to catch breakfast.
Nice to draw them if I have the time.
This tree has always been around though not in this state.
Accidental shot of a chalet that was unoccupied.
Rain clouds gathered but we were not deterred having come all the way from the western part of Singapore to enjoy the eastern atmosphere.

This sand has been 'imported' for our leisure activities. I remember the sand on Changi Beach used to be coarse and brown.
A bird of prey flew overhead.
Waves stirred up by passing boats.
Cycling would also be a fun activity.
Approaching a yacht club.

The clouds kept gaining weight.

I always have this fascination for boats especially fishing boats.

So this is what the bottom of these vessels look like. How on earth are they launched into the water.

Old rock formation, not imported like the sand.

Stole a shot again.

Walking in the shade, a welcome relief as the morning got hotter despite the threat of rain.

Fishing area.

I like this particular boat and there will be more photos of it.

A holiday feel to the place. I like the colours.

The end of the Coastal Walk.

Walking back to our starting point.

A beautiful kingfisher showing off its feathers.

It's lunch time now for the heron. Time for us to get our nourishment at the nearby Changi Point Food Centre. It started to pour after lunch just as we were returning to our car. Thank God for a beautiful morning and great company.

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alicesg said...

Yes, the walk along the boardwalk at Changi is nice. Am glad it make taking a walk there memorable. I enjoyed there too. Have actually plan to go there again during the next long weekend.