Saturday, September 4, 2010

West Coast Park

Sometimes the best experiences in life are unexpected and not planned for. So it was with this particular morning when I decided to make a detour to West Coast Park because the light was just and I saw the dangling branches of the roadside trees swaying gently to the breeze.

The clouds were magnificent, the grass was newly mowed and there was a huge blue ship in the distance.
I zoomed in for a more compact composition of the striking colours.
The clouds got my attention after that.
I just stood there panning my camera and taking shots that appealed to me.

Satisfied, I walked across the field towards the seafront to take a close look at these palms and was delighted to hear the whispering sounds of their leaves as the wind went by.
Reminds me of onions.
I chose to walk on the designated path instead of treading on the wet grass.
In avoiding the sandpit area for children I stopped to admire this bare tree.
Fine and feathery pattern against the blue sky.

The clouds got my attention again.
Varied tree shapes.
New berthing place for this yacht that was not at this spot before. I will not be surprised that one day we would be staring at rows and rows of these vessels and be robbed of a view of the waves.
The thought made me quite sad and I decided to look the other way...

How can one not sit and look at these clouds? Most would sit and stare at their iphones like the man who brought his two kids to play in the sandpit but spent his time on his handphone.

The sky in these parts will never repeat this performance ever.
Take a bow, sky! You have no equal this morning. Click on the picture to see larger photo.
Seeing this girl on roller blades 'exercising' this tiny dog that was gasping for air and desperately running on black booties to keep up I am reminded of the evil kid that tortures toys in Toy Story 1. I believe his name was Sid.
I am reminded of a fishing boat that as an undergraduate, I took a 5-hour journey from Mersing to Pulau Tioman many years ago where there were corals near the beach and the water and sand were still in pristine condition. Alas, no more.
Pleasure crafts that have less exciting lives...
...than this little boat.
Then I almost fell off the bench when I saw this half a ship in the distance.
I think it is some kind of illusion.

Two schoolgirls on the last day of the term, out to enjoy a bit of the sea.
I was attracted not by the bags but by the hairstyles.
Time for me to leave.
Another morning...24 Sep 2010.

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alicesg said...

Nice park. The photo of the two students is nice.