Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Singapore Indoor Stadium

This is the third time that I watched a concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Some said I was not normal to have gone alone (Well, spouse and friends I asked did not want to spend so much money on songs they could easily listen to from a CD); some wondered what it was about Wakin Chou that I was going to see him perform live a second time; some found it incredible that I actually would go see a Chinese performer and thought I would more likely go for a Cliff Richard, Air Supply or Englebert Humperdink concert. That's what people think but then I don't usually do what people think I should. So I really, truly had no regrets going to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to have a rocking good time with Wakin Chou singing all his wonderful songs about love and friendship.
The indoor stadium was packed with people like me, great fans of Wakin Chou and his music. Though the sound system wasn't perfect and my quite expensive ticket did not get me a seat where I could see his face clearly, it was the best that Singapore could offer. This is the first time that I have heard about a singer doing so many song requests for his encore. The concert started at 8pm and we did not leave till close to midnight. We stayed and we will be back for his next concert!


alicesg said...

Oh I like his songs too but not sure if I would like to spend so much for a concert. I rather go for a short trip..hehehe. I think everyone has their own opinion.

Mable said...

Heheh, I am an auntie fan!