Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today, I decided to get serious about my photo-taking. So instead of my Canon IXUS 860 IS it was my Olympus SP-55oUZ that I placed my trust in. It has an 18X zoom, is a 7.1 megapixel and takes sharper pictures than the Canon. Unfortunately, it is really slow - in starting up and in-between shots. It has full manual settings, aperture/shutter priority settings and of course it can be used in auto mode. I played around with some settings and though the pictures were not disappointing to me, I began to harbour thoughts of learning to use a DSLR. Maybe I should get a Canon Powershot at the next IT fair. It is not just the camera of course, so I should not be using cameras as an excuse of shots that are not up to expectation. Which was why I did some reading up on picture composition and went to Youtube for advice and enlightenment and what I found there could make books obsolete. Anyway I had fun today.


alicesg said...

Nice slide. Chinatown is a photographer's haven. Many things to photograph and very unique. I love those beautiful shophouses. I love the photos of the street barber and the man who sold wares along the streets, we dont see this very often nowadays. About the IT fair, the last time I was there, it was so very crowded almost could smell someone's I had to stand at a corner waiting for my husband to queue to make payment but the offers were so good to resist.

Mable said...

Yes, the dying trades...I was surprised to see the roadside barber. I thought they went out of business a long time ago. The thing about IT fair is just to have one aim in mind - the great deals! And then, everything else becomes bearable. IT Fair coming again in March, yay!