Thursday, February 5, 2009

East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a great playground for lovers of the sun, sand, sea and outdoor activities like cycling, roller-blading and jogging. It is a great place for families, friends and especially groups of young people gathering for healthy social interaction through fun and games and barbeque. One really has to be there to be able to soak in the atmosphere and to enjoy what East Coast Park has to offer at different times of the week and different times of the day. So there is no use giving descriptions of what is there. One just has to be there to enjoy the place. So this post will now focus on the cat that held my attention and fascination at East Coast Park.
When I first saw if from a distance, I knew this was not an ordinary cat by the way it looked and way it moved.
Look at the markings on its legs and body,
Those perfectly shaped ears!
I have never seen a cat that has such interesting markings that make it look more like a wild cat than a domestic cat.
It was not easy to photograph this cat because unlike most cats, this one moved confidently and would not stop even though you are in its way. When it did come near enough for me to touch its fur, it started rolling on the tarmac playfully.

Those fantastic ears again.
And then it decided to move on after a while and I had to give way.

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