Sunday, September 11, 2011

From Geylang to Kallang and back

Once I said to my son that I would have liked to live during the fifties and the sixties and my son asked why. I really could not pin down any particular reason. Perhaps life would have been simpler as there would be less emphasis on making money and  focus on material signs of success. 

On a Saturday morning, we took a drive to Geylang Road where we took note of a coffee shop known for its superb mee siam and before driving on to the Kallang Riverside Park for a morning stroll.  After taking photos of the surroundings and stalking some migratory birds along the river, we headed back to Geylang for our mee siam lunch. Oh, and I also have to mention the very expensive tea and coffee and scrambled egg breakfast at a refurbished warehouse at the entrance of Kallang Riverside Park.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Comex 2011 - IT and Technology fair at Suntec City

I hate crowds and crowds make me cringe. Yet last Sunday I braved my hatred for crowded places at the Comex fair at Suntec City on Sunday. The strategy was to park at the Millenium Walk carpark and walk over to Suntec City to avoid the parking hassle. After what we went there to get a pair of sony headphones and some photo print papers. While there, I could not resist the  opportunity to check on the price of the Sony Cybershot HX100V that I had purchased a week before.  

The camera was selling at the same price i.e. $799 and so I was at least comforted to know that I did not pay more for my camera. However, the free gifts that came with the  camera purchased at the fair were twice what I had got. In addition to the extra Sony battery, the carrying case and the SD card, customers were given a foldable tripod stand, a digital photo frame and a screen protector for the LCD viewing screen. 

Okay, so I was a little regretful for not waiting before I bought my camera. Well, in life, nothing is perfect. I will have to learn to be more patient next time. Crowds do non flock to IT fairs for nothing obviously. On the other hand, I had one week of fun ahead of the fair and some of the photos I took with the camera like those of the Storkbill Kingfisher in the Singapore Botanic Gardens would not have been possible  had I postponed my purchase. 

Walking from Millenium Walk to Marina Square and onto Suntec City.
These tiles have not been changed for years.
Mild impression of the crowds because I took this photo around dinner time. The sea of humanity inside was much, much denser than what I had captured here.

The bridge linking Marina Square and Suntec City.
The fountain with the dancing lights where we rested.

We could have sat here.
After-dinner shot before leaving Marina Square.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

From Waterloo Street to Parkway Parade - Canon Powershot SX130 IS

This post is for Alice. Click on the photo to access the slideshow showing photos that I took with my faithful Canon Powershot SX 130 IS. I like this camera very much because it is compact, the colours are rich and the 14xzoom (if you have enough practice and a very steady hand) gives you reasonable good shots enabling you to capture shots from a good and safe distance. I like the wide picture format that gives photos a kind of panoramic feel and the only gripe I have with this camera is that it is not very fast in focusing and shooting if you are just using the full-auto and Program modes. Other than that, this camera remains one of the  best point-and-shoot cameras that I have owned to date. It also records video in HD format and is easy to use. Check out the photos - most of which were taken with the zoom feature - here by clicking on the photo.