Friday, June 4, 2010

Places in a week

Places I have been to this week. The focus in this post is not so much on the places but on the quality of the photos that were obtained through my new toy - the Canon SX210 IS camera.

A place where I had coffee with a friend. I was just demonstrating how powerful the 14x zoom of the camera was.
My camera lens misted up because it was left in the air-conditioned room for some time. It took a while before the condensation on the lens cleared up. I will have to be careful not to leave the camera lying around in the cold air.
Kent Ridge Park - impressive cloud formation on a clear day.
Carpark of Kent Ridge Park - young leaves are red in colour.

Fern - lend me your hand.
Testing the Aperture Priority setting.
Century Square at Tampines. I like this shot.
Examining my surroundings.

Testing the zoom to the maximum.
This camera could be a handy tool for private investigators.
Bugis Junction - sharpness at great depth. This camera is fantastic.

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alicesg said...

Your camera is very good and the photos looked very sharp and clear. Perhaps you like to share photo of your camera. Wonder how heavy it is. I prefer to carry a lightweight camera. Love the first photo of the reflection of the objects on the table.