Saturday, June 12, 2010

Singapore PC Show 2010

Today is the third day of the ever-popular event in Singapore - The PC Show 2010. This event happens 4 times a year during school holidays and each time the vendors who take part in this computer show laugh their way to their bank and the consumers laugh their way home.

I went this morning and waited for the doors of the exhibition hall to open fifteen minutes before noon and when it did, I went straight for what I went there to buy, bought them and cleared out. So the tip is this: go before the doors open, do your homework and know exactly what you want, don't get distracted by all the flyers and take them when you do not need them. Buy when the price is cheaper that what you have found out before the PC show. In other words, know what you want, buy and say bye bye before the hoards of product hungry people crush you to pulp. I survived the experience once again.

The slideshow below does not show what goes on in the PC show because there must be lots of photos and videos online. Instead I would like to share my journey to the PC show via Orchard Road and back home via Rochore Road and Bukit Timah Road. This is Singapore on a Saturday afternoon.

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alicesg said...

I was there around noon too. Did you notice a woman taking photos in the I got a new computer but not from the PC show. The price is about the same. Bought it from HN in Parkway Parade although HN had a booth at the PC show.