Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was waiting to pick someone up at from the Clementi MRT Station. I was early and parked my car at the big car park and since I had some time on my hands I thought it would be good to fill up the time gap by playing around with my new camera - the super-duper Canon SX210 IS that I bought ahead of the PC Show 2010 at Suntec City after bargaining for the similar freebies that I know will offered at the show. These photos were all taken from the comfortable seat of my car. A friend asked me what I think about when I take a picture. Here are glimpses of my mind:

I looked around from the driver's seat of my car and the most interesting subject was this young tree, fresh and green and so supportive of life amidst the concrete surroundings. This shot was to show how happy I was to have found this refreshing subject at a time of the day when people were returning home, tired after a day at work, transported home like sardines in a can on the MRT.
I took a few more pictures shifting the camera a little more to the right to take in more of the background details. The tree was still the point of attraction but I wanted to give more information of the setting.
In this photo, I wanted to test the 14x zoom of the camera to see how sharp the picture would be when I stretch the zoom to the maximum.
I like this shot best because it shows the tree looking like it was feeling great to be alive even though its surroundings were filled with bustling activity with trains zooming past every few minutes, people pouring in and out of the station during peak hour and the construction of the Clementic hub a short distance away. Then I thought it would be interesting to focus on the branches and the trees and see how they contrast with the building in the background.
Then I stretched the zoom to the max again to get these "Flaming beauties". Turning back I caught the setting sun behind these complicated array of branches. I waited for the man to walk into my picture because I thought his blue shirt would make the shot more interesting.
Another zoom picture to take part of the building under construction.
Without the tree in the foreground, the building would be really boring.

Many times we look too far ahead and fail to appreciate what is before us - tree right in front of my car.

I waited for these two doors to be precisely where they were before I snapped the picture.

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