Sunday, May 2, 2010

A walk through Nature

Crystal clear water of a stream.
Lots of small fish swimming in the stream.
Lush greenery.

Growth of new life.
What remains of a former giant.
Sweet fruit of the forest.
Young leaves are red.
Pagoda flowers.
Singapore Rhododendron.
Drongo - I saw this bird twice but had no luck photographing it.
Scary thorns of the rattan.
Buds of the Fish Tail Palm.
Buttress roots.
Spider's lair.
TreeTop walk suspension bridge.
Return trip.


Unusual palm leaf.

Squirrel-like animal.

A place to have a picnic and look out for birds with a pair of binoculars.
Forest decoration on the beam of the toilet.

A fruit that had burst open to release the seeds.


There are a few trees that are this tall and wide.
An uncooperative butterfly.
Going Home.

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