Saturday, May 15, 2010

Food Republic at Vivocity

Vivocity is my favourite hangout. It caters to my varied needs from supermarket to window shopping to buying books to watching movies and of course meeting up with friends for coffee and a meal. On Thursday evening I was early for a reunion dinner with a few of my secondary classmates at Food Republic on the top floor of Vivocity. I took a short walk out to the roof-top playground and thought this scene looked like a giraffe enclosure in a zoo.
Food Republic has a wide variety of hawker and restaurant fare. It also has comfortable and cosy seating where the seven of us were free to talk and laugh without being a nuisance since the environment is noisy to start with. The best part about having a gathering of friends in such a public place is that food is super accessible and we could eat to our hearts' content.
Javanese food similar to nasi lemak in presentation.
A sample of Pohpiah, Kueh pai tee and grilled chicken wings.
Hokkien mee - 3 star.
Shui Qing Pau - very nice.
Hakka Thunder Rice

Beancurd and omelette
A green soup that tasted like grass.
Looking across to Sentosa from Vivocity - the cable cars and Cruise Centre and the Integrated Resort (24 Sep 2010).


alicesg said...

Oooo, the food all looked so yummy. Vivo City is a nice place to just hang around and I love the coffee house where they have swings in them. Forgot the name of the coffee house.

Two Hands Caricaturist said...

I like the food photos!
Cool blog!

Yong Gallery said...

Very interesting blogging!

Mable said...

Just looking at the food in the pictures make me want to go back and have a meal there. Vivocity Rock. Thanks all for your comments.