Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Helix Bridge

An outing with my husband on a Sunday morning, one amongst many enjoyable ones. Today we went to Maxwell Road Food Court to have our favourite porridge and yusheng (raw fish) for $8. He was in the queue for 30 mins but it was food worth waiting for. Then we went to the latest star attraction for locals and tourists - the all solid steel Helix Bridge that leads to the Integrated resorts. The photos of the bridge were taken with my Canon IXUS 980. See the bridge through my eyes as I walked and took pictures mostly with only one hand because the other was holding an umbrella. Read about this bridge here.


alicesg said...

Did you carry the umbrella because of the sun? I would normally wear a hat so that I can use both hands to hold the camera. Nice shots of the bridge. I have yet visited both the IR.

Mable said...

Thanks Alice. Oh yes, the sun and the UV - the umbrella, never leave home without it. I have perfected holding my Canon IXUS and shooting with one hand. Most shots were just taken as instantaneous responses. I like it I shoot without spending too much time to compose the shot. I should go again to this bridge in the evening and night. I have seen pictures of the bridge when it is lighted up - looks beautiful.