Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Drive

Sunday is the best day of the week and a drive to parts of Singapore where there are no tourists and shoppers to have a meal is a good way to spend a few hours before heading home to rest.

Singapore may be a city but we are not concrete jungle. We still have lots of greenery and plots of land like this.
Driving towards Serangoon Road that runs through Little India.

Entrance to an MRT station.

Serangoon Road.
Indian Temple
There are no sharp corners, just pleasant facades at the end of each row of shop houses.

I am glad that this once-dilapidated facade has been given a face-lift.

Lavender street building (1930)
A building belonging to a Chinese Temple. There is a statue of Buddha under a canopy on the roof.
Jalan Batu hawker centre and surroundings. It was the first time I visited this area and it was quite a discovery to find a part of Singapore that is spacious and relaxed.

A specie of pineapple grown for decorative purpose and also for luck.

The Kallang river and in the distance, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Old shop houses preserved for their unique architecture.

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alicesg said...

Nice to capture these old buildings. I was in chinatown last weekend in a sea of