Monday, January 10, 2011

On top of Vivocity to enjoy the evening

It does not cost very much to have a pleasant evening if you have a friend or your spouse for company. Perhaps, the cost of a bus ride from your home and back - a very small price to pay for this kind of spaciousness and luxury of gazing into the open sky and a gentle breeze around you. Bring some sandwiches and your own drink from home and have a picnic to watch the sky turning dark and the lights brightening on Sentosa Island as the Integrated Resort light up for your enjoyment. The port next door is inactive while families and friends come to this wooden deck to sit for a while after shopping or a movie. I was there on Sunday to see:
People relaxing and enjoying the uncluttered surroundings. People were talking to one another and not through their handphones.
Zooming onto a new structure on Sentosa Island.
The monorail train transporting hordes of visitors to and fro. Vivocity was swamped by people from China. The food court felt like it was somewhere in China.

The two men refused to budge for the entire time and I refused to move either and so the result was this shot.
Port machinery.

A close up on what I was sitting on.
Playing around with my camera.

Waiting to start work on Monday.

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alicesg said...

Nice to spend an evening there. I wish I could go out and take more photos but been nursing a weak knee since christmas day. :( I guess it is a sign of old age.