Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bugis Junction and surroundings

Before I talk about Bugis Junction I have to mention that the photos on this post except for the first one have been taken with the Casio Ex-Z330 camera that I had bought the colour being the first persuasive factor and the price being and second. Then when I got to use it, I was really happy that such a small and compact camera that fits snugly into the palm of my hand turned out to be such a fun toy. At SGD 199 with a cool case, an 8GB card, lithium battery, battery charger and a table-top tripod thrown in as freebies plus the plastic straps and lens cleaner given by the nice salesgirl, this was a really good buy. Of course, it cannot match my Canon Powershot in picture quality and the HD movie recording was nowhere near what my powershot produces. Still, this will be the camera that I will use when I am with friends and family.
On the way to Bugis Junction, I decided to test the 3x optical zoom feature of the camera taking this shot of a Bird Nest fern from the car when we were caught in a small jam while turning out of the expressway.
The fountain that always brings back memories of my kids when they were small. Here the camera managed to capture the pattern formed when two streams of water collided.
Inside Bugis Junction, the push carts provided colour and variety.
New shopping centre across the road that did not pull in as many shoppers as Bugis Junction.

Youngsters dancing their hearts out to promote a vitamin drink.
Walking towards Waterloo area, I saw these spiral staircases and could not resist photographing them.

A new MRT line is under construction here and I wonder why this piece of machinery is kept in such a structure that could not protect it much from the rain. Why bother at all, I wonder. 

A sign that Chinese New Year is near - the red and gold decorations and the Chinese New Year music.
Heading towards the famous Goddess of Mercy Temple in Waterloo Street.
The crowds are always there and so are the flower sellers and the fortune-tellers.

Everyone touches the Smiling Buddha for good luck.

Indian fortune-telling. See the parakeet on the left.
Smile and the whole world smiles with you.
La Salle College of the Art  Open house. Students parading with creative headgears they had designed and made.
The La Salle buildings linked by a sky bridge.
A music performance below.
Taken from Albert Centre Hawker Centre. Trishaws in the foreground.
The Rojak and mee siam were lovely.

Going Home.

The Elias building from afar.

It would be nice if this open ground is converted into a small park.
Wilkie road apartments.
A Sikh Temple.

The End.

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alicesg said...

I love those spiral staircases too. My secondary school had one and we used to play with the staircases but now at my age, I think I will not be able to climb up and down these spiral