Monday, January 3, 2011

State Gifts, Singapore

I stumbled upon this free exhibition at the Singapore National Museum last December. It was a showcase of some of the gifts from visiting heads of states from other countries and they were dazzling! Just look at them here:


alicesg said...

Happy New Year to you Mable. Welcome back to bloggerland. Please to see you back. :) Your photos of the museum are so beautiful. I was hunting for a camera but found them to be so heavy still not sure what I want. I dont want to spend so much money and it ended up as a white My photography skill is not very good but I will go learn more about the camera before buying. Still thinking about the lumix or canon.

Mable said...

Thanks Alice and so nice to hear from you again. Blogger is much easier to use than Wordpress and with its new upload feature that allows several photos to be uploaded each time, it is really very user-friendly. Well about cameras, I am a die-hard canon fan. I also think that nothing beats the quality that an SLR produces even though I seldom use mine because it cannot fit into the handbags that I have. So I use a 14 megapixel Canon Powershot SX 210 IS that has a 14X optical zoom. I used this camera to take the shots on this post. What I like about this camera is that it also functions like an SLR with full manual controls which I also made use of to photograph most of the state gifts. Still, nothing beats using a real SLR.