Thursday, April 29, 2010

A place in the Singapore sky

It was my son who said, "Mum, go outside and look at the sky." Whenever my son says to look at the sky, it has to be something spectacular and sure enough we saw this huge fluffy cloud looming over the neighbourhood with the moon accompanying it. It is also not often that you see the moon when it is still daytime and that added to the element of surprise.
I have seen snow-white clouds and I have seen dark threatening clouds. This time we got a two-in-one show up in the sky. The light was changing over the time the two of us spent photographing this phenomenon, he with the Canon DSLR and me with my Canon IXUS 870. His photos were more dramatic as they were captured with a fish-eye lens attachment. Mine were for-the-record kind of pictures.

I thought that the final formation of the clouds was like the island of Borneo with Sabah represented by the white portion and Sarawah and Kalimantan depicted by the darker clouds.

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alicesg said...

Fantastic. I thought they looked like some smoke coming out of a volcano.