Monday, April 26, 2010

Kentridge Park

"The early bird catches the worm" was one of the proverbs I was made to memorise in primary school. This Collared Kingfisher was about 50 meters away and even with the zoom lens of my DSLR, I could not get a good, clear shot of this large bird perched on a branch. A lady came to talk to me at this point and when she saw the bird she was filled with wonder and asked for its name. It is always pleasant to meet people who are interested in other people and who love nature. We had a good chat and I found out that she was from Japan and she would be here for a month. I do hope I can meet up with her again.
Most of the time, I do not spend time to look at the surroundings at the hill top of Kent Ridge Park. So while I had the zoom lens with me and time on my hands for at least an hour, I thought I should pay greater attention to scenery that I tend to take for granted most of the time. I did not even know that the temple at the foot of Kentridge Park had been redeveloped and a tall pagoda is now the latest landmark.
A road well-travelled seen from another angle. The trees look like they are having a morning conversation with each other.
Condominiums that are nestling in the thick greenery oblivious to the gigantic container structures at our port. The sun was hidden behind the rain-bearing clouds.
Windows with a view of Kentridge Park.
One of several flowering Tembusu trees that dominate the landscape of Kentridge Park.
Tembusu trees and pine trees - what a combination but it is possible that tropical trees and trees from temperate zones can get together here in Singapore.
There used to be many of these gregarious birds hopping about the ground looking for worms. There are fewer of them nowadays but they are still as noisy.
Morning exercises are good for health and flowers nourish the soul.
Here's the Laughing Thrush again. They spend so much time hopping at ground level that it is not easy to catch them amongst the branches of a tree. The highest point of Kent Ridge Park is here. There is a pavillion where you could sit and rest and have breakfast after a walk. The view is not fantastic because of these ugly metal structures. Still, we have to tolerate this ugliness for economic reasons and be thankful we are able to have a view like this at all.
My favourite picture for today.


Wilson said...

is good that the place still have a park there for people to get close to nature.

at Kuching there is also park in the middle of the city, and people stay near there can get a breath of fresh air.

ur last 2nd and 3rd pic, is that haze or morning fog?

Mable said...

Singapore has many beautifully designed and maintained parks and at least two Nature Reserves. We are a small island with around a million trees in our midst. Do check out the website of our National Parks Board:

The photos you asked about were taken at around 7.30am. The light at that time was not good and probably there is also pollution from building projects, the port and the nearby oil refinery.