Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sights within a day.

This is the first time in my life that I see what the Bukit Timah canal looks like. As one who relies much on the car to get around, this scene is a welcome change from the blinkered view of a driver. It is good to take buses sometimes.

If you are a frequent visitor of the Newton Food Centre, you will not miss this row of terrace houses built in days when high ceilings were affordable.

Along Neil Road, I snapped this picture without even looking at the camera's LCD panel. Just a lucky shot and then I was amazed at the architecture of these old buildings.
Taking photos from a moving car is a skill mastered through continual practice as a passenger. The type of camera helps of course.
The Red Dot museum along Maxwell Road. Many a time, I have wanted to visit this museum and till now I am only familiar with its striking facade.
A balcony where you could lean over when an admirer comes and serenades.
Road next to Maxwell Food Centre. At the end of it is a cosy boutique hotel.

Ah, I think I read somewhere that Jackie Chan has bought this building that was once a jinrickshaw station.
This must be one of the oldest temple in Singapore. There are many reasons to visit this temple and one of them is to seek the protection of Tai Sui Yeh during the lunar new year and to thank him for looking out for you at the end of that year.

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