Sunday, January 27, 2008

Little India

Little India in Serangoon Road was where I met up with a friend. Places like these are so rich in character that shopping malls with their standard fares pale in comparison. The sights, the sounds, the smell are like nowhere else in Singapore because it is a miniature India.

This was not where I spent the day wandering. It was only a meeting place. As I was a little early I walked round a block of shop houses recording images spontaneously as they captured my interest. In all, I spent ten minutes in the area. There is much more to explore, perhaps another time when I shall make a special trip to just take photos of the uniques architecture and the street scenes.

Moving towards Selegie Road towards Bugis Junction. Had lunch of prawn noodles at $2 a bowl (small) in this shop reminiscent of old houses in Malaysia. Look at the extremely high ceiling and the windows.
Going home in the evening, I caught a fleeting glimpse of these colourful spiral staircase, doubled back and took a whole lot of photos.
La Salle College of the Arts - just love the architecture.

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