Saturday, July 30, 2011

This morning was an excellent day to go to East Coast Park. It was hot but there was a steady strong breeze and there was also a Triathlon event taking place by the sea. It did not interfere with our enjoyment of East Coast Park because it looked like a pretty well-organised event with marshalls directing athletes along the way.

We came across some delightful mosaic sculptures and this particular one looks like a kind of tribal shield.

I like this set of pillars giving a feel of the antiquity in our modern landscape.

This one by the same sculptor looks like a satellite dish.
Beautiful glazed pieces of mosaic underneath.

A row of Asoka trees lining the canal.

Public toilet.

A fir tree by the beach? Amazing things do happen.
Triathlon in progress.
Cannonball trees dripping with fruits.

Flowers of the Cannonball Tree.

What the inside of the fruit looks like. Someone must have hacked it open.

A group of Indian teenagers enjoying themselves - I like this photo very much.
The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the distance.

Coconut trees responding to the breeze.
A man catching grasshoppers with his ingenious invention.

Walking towards the Food Centre.
A lovely environment marred by rubbish.
Board sailing round and round a lagoon.
Trees that looked like they were wearing skirts.

Cold dessert at the Food Centre! End of East Coast Park visit.

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