Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Outing with myself - Part 1 (Parkview Building)

 Saturday outing with myself contains 5 parts arranged in chronological order. I am now only at Part 4b. Part 4c will feature the Sarong Kebaya Exhibition and Part 5 will focus on the Teochew Opera at the Flyer food centre.

I have not been posting because I have been busy. As one gets older, time seems so limited. I do not know why people my age always get this kind of feeling. My way of breaking out of this mentality is to go out and take photos to keep engaged and focused on things around me. This is the first post of a few that document my day one Saturday when I decided to take myself out and the day started at 10am at North Bridge Road and ended at 10pm when I arrived home after an eventful day by myself. Click on the photo for the slideshow.


alicesg said...

I only took photo of the huge statues on the roof top of Parkview Building, did not know there are more statues inside. Thanks for sharing.

lindystoryofmylife said...

It's amazing you don't take 'Singapore' for granted, capturing interesting places, fauna and flora and those lovely eateries, etc.

Whilst overeseas I will do what you do here and take "Singapore' for granted. I should try to break away from this mindset.

Mable said...

There are so many interesting things to see and do in Singapore. When I was young I enjoyed overseas trips. Now, I just want to enjoy my life at my own pace.