Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Outing with myself - Part 2 (Bugis Junction)

After Parkview, I headed for Bugis Junction. My objective was not to go shopping at the mall there. I went into the building to enjoy the air-conditioning and then came out to take a photo of these old buildings across the road that house numerous eating joints including quite a few houses serving yummy Chinese desserts.

Comparatively inexpensive coffee shops where you can have a good lunch at half the price of those at the restaurants further down the road they flank.

What I saw at the Bugis Junction Mall and why does Blogger not provide a tool for us to rotate our photos???
Lovely air-conditioning.

These are not part of wagon trains in cowboy shows. At about eleven o'clock they transform into pushcarts selling costume jewellery, trinkets and specialty goods that appeal to the young and monied.

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