Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A walk with my old mum

My mum walked slowly using an umbrella as a walking stick. I walked beside her using my umbrella to shade us from the biting rays of the late afternoon sun. My mum has not been to the MacRitchie Reservoir for almost twenty years. 

She remembers the times when we were children and would often take our Malaysian cousins to places like MacRitchie Reservoir, the Botanic Gardens and of course Haw Par Villa (that reminds me that I have black and white photos of our outings there). She noted the changes especially the huge trees that must have been a lot shorter and smaller when she last visited. For an octogenarian, she has a good memory although her legs are rather weak she likes to take short walks around the neighbourhood. Walking with my mum is different from my regular wallks. It is a lot slower and it is spending time with my mum. 

I have been to MacRitchie Reservoir countless times and somehow have not seen this pair of regal-looking lamp posts at the entrance to the wooden bridge leading to the bandstand that is currently under renovation.

 "See the trees how big they've grown..."

 A fixture of MacRitchie Reservoir that went back ages ago.
 New developments up there. Hopefully, we will have a new garden for enjoyment soon.
 My mum liked this particular flower.
 The Japanese Stone lantern looked like it came from some historical site.

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alicesg said...

Hahaha just like your mom, I cannot remember when was the last time I visit MacRitchie Reservoir. I am 51 but have a body of a 65 lol. I cant climb as much as I wanted to.