Thursday, June 30, 2011

Singapore Flyer Food

Overpriced Hawker food - that was what someone said about this place. I did not agree based on my first sampling of the food there last year. Last weekend, I went there for the third time and regret to say that I find the statement more agreeable now. Anyway, while waiting for my food to be served I decided to try and read the signboards of the individual stores in Chinese. To my delight, every stall had bilingual signboards.

This weekend's Teochew Opera performances.

The cars of the Ferris Wheel looking from below.

Another angle of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

The Singapore Flyer.

The Esplanade.

Going home. Passing by St Andrew's Cathedral.
National Museum of Singapore.
Rendezvou Hotel.


alicesg said...

Wow I am suprised at your Singapore Flyer post hahahaha. I am suppossed to go there tomorrow with my two girlfriends but one of them cant decide the date and the other wanted to go chinatown hahahaha. Maybe your fourth trip there you can spot a woman snapping photo there - could be

Mable said...

As they say when we play Treasure Hunt as kids - you are getting warmer. I just might make the trip there. Say hello if you see someone snapping photos instead of eating.