Monday, June 20, 2011

Prinsep Street

Late one afternoon, I parked my car at Prinsep Street and decided to take a walk around the area because the weather was cool and there was a nice breeze blowing and the surroundings were pleasant and there were many interesting buildings in the vicinity. It was only today when I was looking up information on some of the buildings in my photos that I made a discovery about myself in relation to the building here. The yellow grill gates belong this building and because of them I was able to identify this building and subsequently what it actually means to me. See my slideshow of my walk around Prinsep Street here>>>


alicesg said...

Very nice slide, was like I was taking a virtual walk in the slide. Hahaha I too have a history with one of the building that you took photo of. It was the Presbyterian Church. During my secondary school, we used to go there every Saturday for our CCA at the church, it was the Girl's Brigade Uniform Group. But sadly I dont have any photos of me in my GB's uniform.

Mable said...

Interesting how we share a common connection with Prinsep Street! I am going to put up a post on purple flowers for you Alice. Look out for it on my flower blog. Cheers!