Saturday, May 21, 2011

Orchard Road - from Takashimaya to Orchard Central

It has been quite a while since I took a walk along Orchard Road and to visit Kinokuniya, my favourite haunt during times when the store has 20% storewide discounts for books. At ten in the morning the bookstore was paradise because the noise makers i.e. kids have not arrived. I had about an hour of peaceful browsing and beat a quick exit when the bookstore started to fill up with people all out to take full advantage of the savings offered. On the way to Orchard Central on the same side of Orchard Road I came across these interesting cardboard cut-outs.

Orchard Road crowd on a Saturday or anyday.
These shots were taken as I rode the long and steep escalators to the top of the 12-storey Orchard Central building.

Looking over the roof tops of the Peranakan-style houses of Emerald Hill.

Where was everyone? Orchard Central is not as well patronised as its neighbour 313.

And then I discovered a small roof-top garden at the top of Orchard Central.
A child's garden overrun by her pets.

An interesting sculpture titled 'The stair, the clouds and the sky 2009' by Victor Tan Wee Tar.

Going home along Bukit Timah Road where towering cranes rule the roads.

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alicesg said...

Visited Orchard Central several times but never get the chance to go up the roof top.