Thursday, May 5, 2011


Before there was Marina Bay Sands and the Helix Bridge, there was the Esplanade - where arts and theatre flourished under the twin durian-shaped roofs that Singaporeans either love or love to hate. It has been months since I went there for a musical event or an art exhibition. Although there were a few exhibitions nearing the tail end of their display period, I was glad to have seen this particular one dedicated to the victims of the recent horrendous Earthquake in Japan.
Read the details of this exhibit by Japanese artist Coco-Z.
I just love the graceful branches done in calligraphic style.

A unique place to extend the exhibit - a skylight.

Another exhibit where the artist fused Peranakan subject matter with a Mediterranean approach. Wall tiles given a western treatment - interesting!


alicesg said...

WOw so long never been to Esplanade. I guess we are very busy people. Lovely art exhibition.

Mableinsingapore said...

The Esplanade is a nice place to escape to if you need to be by yourself for a few hours. There is a Music Library where you can go and read a book and have a cup of coffee too.

Stephanie said...

Wow, that is very good!!! I loved the flowers and of course the pictures. I'd love to visit over there sometime, it's amazing:) Please stop by my blog.

Mable said...

Singapore warmly welcomes you Stephanie! Thank you for visiting my blog.