Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buildings that are our heritage

From the window of a Mosburger fast-food joint at Bugis Junction, I watched the world go by. Most of all I had the time to admire these two buildings that must have looked like identical twins when they were first built. I have taken many photographs of them over the years but I have never ventured into the street between them that I found out was Liang Seah Street. So I decided to to a little exploration and found that other than the two coffee shops facing each other at the start of the street, there were many interesting small restaurants and at least three shops selling Chinese desserts further in. A few days later, I returned to Liang Seah street and had Vietnamese food at a small restaurant there and walked over to the next street called Tan Quee Lan Street that has quite a few Bridal shops and eating joints as well.

Tan Quee Lan Street that is next to Liang Seah Street.

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