Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jurong East Central

A place I like to hang around sometimes because of the wonderful Regional Library, Popular Bookstore, NTUC Fairprice and the MRT. Located in pleasant surroundings this is a great place to spend a few hours. In the past, there were cinemas, shops and fast-food chains and cafes. Now they are gone. What happened? Is the building sold? Is it undergoing a major revamp internally and externally? Will the familiar cinemas and shops be back one day?


alicesg said...

Hahaha I also like to hide in the library in Sengkang. It is huge and quiet and free air cond...lol. I hated the library at Bishan, too noisy and bright. And no I dont stay in Sengkang or Bishan...lol.

If you see the numerous huge mall opening soon in Orchard Road, you will understand why malls in heartland had to revamp to survive.

My favourite mall must be parkway. :) And I dont stay anywhere near parkway too..hehehe.

Mable said...

Haha, Sengkang library - I must make a trip there someday. Bishan - I've been there a few times out of convenience. I heard the one at Woodlands is nice too but I haven't been there either. Alice, you can play a 'where do I stay game' someday on your blog heheheheh...