Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bras Basah Complex

Bras Basah was where we flocked to to buy our text books, guide books, 10-year series when we were in secondary school. Back then there was only one row of bookshops that were packed full with books leaving little space for browsing. We just went there, got our books and got out. Then those shops were demolished and Bras Basah complex was built. I haven't been there for some months. Today being the start of the March school holidays, the place was 'happening'. There was a Chinese English (???)Book Fair and I got several books at fantastic prices, like a quarter of the original. It did not matter that they were last printed 10 years ago because art and children's stories are not affected by the passing of time. I also discovered that Bras Basah Complex with its mix of book shops - both Chinese and English, big and small, modern and old - is a place that is wonderful to spend a few hours in. Besides, the National Library is in the next building, a good place to read what you have bought or if you have not, then the books are yours to enjoy for free in a very comfortable environment.

Today, I saw part of a cultural performance by some talented school children:

I felt that it was not necessary for a kid to dress so skimpily. Her dancing skills were attractive enough.

Great acrobatic performance by this young lady.
Worth a visit the whole of next week. So many books and writing pads, notebooks at great prizes.

MacDonald round the corner has turned into a POSB look-alike? Red and yellow instead of the trademark red and yellow. Why?
Raffles HotelManchester United and Liverpool supporters creating awareness for tonight's big game. Pity Man U lost and so badly too!

City blocks.

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