Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Day - lights out in the city

When the lights were supposed to have gone out between 8.30pm and 9.30pm and we were supposed to be in deep contemplation about the state of the earth and our existence in the darkness for an hour, where did most people go? For those who heeded the call to switch of all the lights in the house for that one hour (like us) we headed towards Vivocity hoping to have a quick meal and then get into the cinema. We went as far as touring the car park in Vivocity before making a quick exit because the carpark was full to the brim. So all Singaporeans had the same idea - off the lights and home and head out to the malls. We decided to have dinner at Makansutra at the esplanade where a concert was held in celebration of Earth Day. These are the pictures taken there.
The IR project could not afford to switch off its lights.
The Esplanade concert took place during the designated Earth Day hours but when we got there after 9.30pm the lights came back on again.
Makansutra was blazing with lights to attract the foodies. We had a lovely meal there - Roti John, Kambing soup, Roti prata, Hokkien noodle, prawn omelette...count the calories.
Eh Uncle, how much to go to Mars?
Enough light to show off the colours on the bay.
Subdued lighting still.

Drawing with light.

Shoes I won't wear.
Cool carpark. No sweat parking here because it was around $5 per entry, more expensive than a plate of Hokkien mee at Makansutra.
How I think Earth Day should be celebrated: We should stay at home with all the lights off. We should sit around a candlelight and talk to each other. We should not drive around in our cars during that hour because we are doing worse by burning petrol and emitting carbon monoxide into the air. On the whole, I think the lights-off hour gave businesses a boost if it had achieved nothing else because the majority of Singaporeans were out shopping, eating and going to the cinema.


alicesg said...

Hehehe I did turn off the lights and sit by the It was so bored and so I watch TV but with the lights off. I think I must have a better plan next year. :) Maybe have a gathering with siblings and family and have dinner with candles. :)

Mable said...

Hmm, guitar, singing, wine and song by candlelight - that would take boredom away Earth day perhaps :-)

Mable said...

We could also also have a singing session with someone playing the guitar to relive our youth. Er just resist the temptation to turn on the TV and the Karaoke set.