Wednesday, September 24, 2008

F1 fever is on.

Sunday night, the IR builders at work round the clock.

A visit to the Esplanade to discover that I have not been there for a long, long time. A new stage structure that glows in the night that allows our local talents to flourish.

And the Makansutra food place. The Lor Mee was nice. The ice-kaching was a let down because the ice was rough and the miserable amount of atap chee and red beans made me wonder how the stall got into Makansutra's list at all.
Seats were available because it was almost ten o'clock.

The F1 racing track in front of City Hall and St Andrew's Cathedral in the daytime about two weeks ago. What is it really going to be like when the track and lights are ready and when the Formula 1 cars roar around our city circuit in the night? Scroll down to see how I will find out.

Tickets to the F1 - To go or not to go?

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