Saturday, August 13, 2011

Punggol New Town and the end point of Punggol Road

This morning, we had to drive to Punggol town in the north-eastern part of Singapore to attend to something and with some time to spend we decided to explore Old Punggol Road to relive memories of times when we would drive to the end of the road to have seafood. We found a park that was supposed to have been completed in the first quarter of the year but till now is still inaccessible to the public. Part of the promenade was ready and the other part within the park was out of bounds. Anyway old Punggol Road still has much of the greenery and nature of before and I hope that these will be protected from property developers till eternity. Click on the photo for my slideshow.

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alicesg said...

Punggol is the next town to be in. My sis bought a unit near the MRT Station and will be ready only in two years time. BTW I cant view anything on your other blog. Have a nice weekend, Mable.