Friday, August 12, 2011

On Tuesday which was our National Day, we went to admire some of the historical buildings around the National Museum and Singapore Art Museum (SAM). 

This was formerly Tao Nan School. Now it is the Peranakan Museum.

Beautiful arches of the Stamford House corridor where we walked through to get across to the Singapore Management University towards SAM.

Part of the Singapore Management University.
Stone tables and benches from years ago.
Buildings on the premises of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Across from the cathedral is the SMU.

Statue of Pope John Paul II to commemorate partly the visit of the Pope in 2006.

The chapel at Chijmes that is now a function hall that one can hire for weddings and receptions.

The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd from the Singapore Art Museum.
The Singapore Art Museum, formerly St Joseph's Institution, a boy's school.

The Jacob Ballas Building, photographed from the side of the SAM. Jewish architecture.

Waterloo street. One of a few interesting buildings.

The Singapore Calligraphic Centre.
A calligraphic piece displayed at an exhibition in the Calligraphy centre. 
An interesting clock at the Calligraphy Centre.
The twelve animals of the Chinese horoscope are represented here.

Looking out from the front of the Calligraphy Centre.
The National Museum.

School of the Arts (SOTA).
This building should never be demolished.
Going Home.
Bonus: Some of the works of Liu Kang at the SAM.

The ever-delightful works of Wu Guan Zhong.

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alicesg said...

Wow lovely walk and lots to see. Will try walking like you next time if I am there.

Next time you might want to try walking the underpass of SMU from the MRT station to the museum. :) I did not take photos then cause there were students using the underpass and studying too.