Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday romping - from Maxwell to Serangoon

On the third day of Chinese New Year, it is the tradition not to go visiting because it is said that whoever you visit will become your enemy. So, it was a jolly good excuse to go gallivanting on our own starting the day with breakfast at Maxwell Food Centre and ending at NEX, the latest addition to our shopping mall list.

Not many stalls were open on that day because the stallholders also needed to have a good break from work. We ate from a stall selling dumplings and also had the carrot cake from the Auntie Carrot Cake stall.
While waiting for the food to arrive, I took these shots of my surroundings.
Part of the former Jinrickshaw Building now home to KTV lounges.

Walking back to the car parked at Ann Siang Hill. Would you believe a skyline with no tall, modern buildings. I thought I was dreaming.

The Maxwell Food Centre where many mouth-watering Singapore delights are housed. People queue for Chicken Rice (Tian Tian) and fish porridge here.
A boutique hotel that was once a school.

Like a walk back to the fifties.

Tea for two.

People's homes have turned into offices and pubs.
Singapore has many interesting buildings that are well-preserved like these.

The now defunct food street was once next to this building,
Driving towards Chinatown. Old buildings give  a nostalgic feel to the place. 

It's so nice not having tall buildings looming behind a historical one.
The Mica Building, formerly the Hill Street Police Station.
Old street lamps with the reverse-bungee structures to the right and Clark Quay in the background
Facade of the Mica Building.

The Central Fire Station now a Civil Defence museum.

The Stamp Museum.
The Peranakan Museum that was formerly a Chinese School.
End of a row of shophouses next to the Perankan Museum.

Old buildings where second-hand car dealers set up shop. I am not sure if they are still there. Anyway, we parked our car at the carpark here and took a train on the North-East Line to Serangoon station.
For the first time I could see through all the carriages of our MRT Trains.
The interior of NEX, our newest Shopping Centre in Serangoon. There were many complaints about the entrance to the building from the carpark, the carpark itself and of course the traffic jams getting into the building on weekends. We avoided all the hassle by taking a train there. Do the same if you are going.

Expensive cuppa.


alicesg said...

Lots of makan place at NEX. Been there several times cause my brother stay near there. :)

Mableinsingapore said...

We noticed that with the large crowds, the eating places were not bursting at the seams. This must be the shopping complex with the most number of food outlets catering to families. I was just glad that we took the train there.