Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pasir Ris Park and Beach

My son and I dropped by at this park over the Chinese New Year weekend as we were in the area at that time. He wanted to see if the park had changed since he was last there several years ago when he remembered playing in the extensive playground where the structures were primarily made of wood - the sea saws, the spiderweb and other obstacle courses that kids had found so entertaining. Today: 

Plastic has replaced wood and the trees have grown a lot taller.

What did not change were the weekend crowds out to enjoy the open space that only a beach can provide. The coconut trees were a lot shorter back then. Now they tower over humanity.
The beach was still as dirty as before.

I think that this is Pulau Tekong.
Very few people were in the water and that was understandable given the condition of the beach and the murkiness of the sea water.
This is my favourite shot of people flying kites. Just look coconut trees and you can guess how much fun they are having watching their kites soar high up in the sky.
There are many family activities at Pasir Ris Park and one of them is cycling.
Can you spot the man in the picture?

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