Monday, February 1, 2010

Two weeks before Chinese New Year

I went there not to shop for new year goodies, clothes or shoes or to succumb to all the sales gimmicks that the stall holders have up their sleeves. When I was a kid, Chinese New Year meant shopping for everything new and stocking up on all the Chinese sausages and stuff, melon seeds, sweets, cookies, pineapple tarts and all that would make a kid happy during the festive period. Many Chinese New Year celebrations later, I just want to have peace and quiet and a desire to rid my life of clutter instead of accumulating more things to increase the clutter in my house. Having less things around me make me happier these days. My dream home will be one that is minimalist in design and my mission for this year is to go about reducing the stuff I have (except my books) and not to buy more of what I already have or need. So with this mindset, I visted Chinatown as if I was a tourist - one who takes pictures only.


you-wee because said...

Hi Mable,

my name is Uwe and I'm from Germany.

I accidentally came across your blog. If you allow, I want to rest for a while to explore the different places of Singapore you posted in your blog. I plan to make a trip to the "Lion City" somewhen this year. So I'm curious about the different aspects of your home town.

Regards, Uwe.

Mable said...

Hi Uwe,

Read Alice's blog as well to really get a total feel about our country at and if you need more information do feel free to email me. Our Lion City is vibrant and full of diversities in culture, so your trip here will be very enjoyable.

Richard Yap said...

Hey nice photos! Was comtemplating long and hard abt going there at nite. However the thought of the crowd turn me off. Not to mention I have bought my suff at warehouses and factories already

Looking at your photos make me sort of regret not going...Haiz!