Friday, February 19, 2010

Chinatown - Sago Lane

An elderly couple remarked that the crowds have disappeared after Chinese New Year and looking at their facial expressions I could not tell if they were disappointed or not. Some of the stalls were still putting out New Year goods for sale. The rest were there to cater to the sporadic appearance of tourists strolling through this street that was once distinctive because 'Death Houses' used to occupy the shops opposite these stalls. The Sago Lane in my childhood was not a place for merry-making unless one was looking forward to cross the boundaries to another world.

My stripes are more eye-catching than yours.
Have your fortune told and then get your portrait done on the same day at the same place.
I can only recognise Andy Lau and Vicky Zhao.
As was typical of our tropical weather, a shower brought out the plastic covers to shield the precious goods from the rain.

A young man worked hard at scrubbing the metal platform in front of his stall despite the rain.

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alicesg said...

Chinatown is no longer like the one we used to visit when we were young. It is now so very cater to the tourist.