Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where in SIngapore

This park does not have a scenic seafront. It has no white sand beach and the horizon is a line broken by the presence of boats and ships because of a port on one side and a shipyard on the other. On certain evenings, it does have beautiful sunsets and there is always a a gentle breeze blowing inland.

It has trees that have been here for years. Twice I have photographed herons perched on their branches.

The trees are not able to keep out the noise from the busy road on one side and the port on the other. The greenery soothes the eyes but the noise assails your ears.

The park is reasonably well maintained by cleaners.

These lovely lamp posts are in danger of being replaced by no-fuss, utalitarian looking types that ruin your photos.

Trees shed their leaves but before that they treat us to an Autumn scene.

My job is well done so that you can enjoy your walks.

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