Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Trees light-up in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

We went there with our kids and friends and their kids. Getting educational institutions and corporations to take part in this activity is a jolly great idea and makes the Singapore Botanic Gardens a place to take the family even at night. Not too late though for the festive mood was not present when we were there at around 10 o'clock.

The good thing was there were very few people and we almost had the whole garden to ourselves and we could take our time to look at the tree decorations one by one but I feel that the trees would take on a different glow if there were people crowding around them admirng and posing for photos and generating more noise and excitement. I may dislike crowed places but this is one time and place where I think I would have preferred to be there when there are more people. The atmosphere will be very different from the empty and almost eerie kind of feeling I had that night walking around the place.

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